Lockheed 749A

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Welcome: We would like to announce our new name & location. The American Museum of Aviation, an Organization Dedicated to Preserving Aviation History, is now moving to Fabulous Las Vegas, NV. We feel this location is an ideal spot for displaying American Aviation History. The amount of travelers and tourists through Las Vegas will bring more visitors of all ages. The move will be completed by late summer of 2011. For more information please save our new web address.


Prop-Liners of America is now a Division of the American Museum of Aviation, Inc.
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Technical Specifications

First Flight: March 14, 1947
Number Built: 132 were built for commercial & military use
Length: 97 feet  4 inches
Wing Span: 123 feet 
Height: 22 feet  5 inches
Max Take-Off Wt.: 107,000 lbs.
Max Landing Wt.: 89,500 lbs.
Empty Wt.: 56,590 lbs.
Max Cruising Speed: 345 mph   300 kts
Normal Cruising Speed: 320 mph   278 kts
Stall Speed: N/A
Service Ceiling: 24,100 feet
Fuel Capacity: 6245 US gallons 
Range: 4995 miles w/maximum fuel load
2600 miles w/maximum payload
Fuel Type: 100/130 octane
Fuel Consumption: 400 gph 4 engine flight plan burn w/max fuel
768 gph 4 engine flight plan burn w/max load
Engines: 4 Wright R-3350  rated at 2500 HP each 
Seating: 60 to 81 passengers
Crew: 4 Pilots 2 to 4 Flight attendents

Engine Specifications

 Wright R-3350-749C18BD 

Type: 18 cylinder air cooled radial
Diameter: 56.6 inches
Length: 78.52 inches
Bore: 6.125 inches
Stroke: 6.312 inches
Displacement: 3350 cubic inches
Compression Ratio: 6.5 to 1
Dry Weight: 2884 lbs.
Ignition: Scintilla DLN-9
Fuel Grade: 100/130 octane
Carburation: Bendix # 135091 direct fuel injection
Performance: Take-Off Power 2500 HP @ 2750 rpm
Normal Power 1500 HP @ 2000 rpm