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Prop-Liners of America is now a Division of the American Museum of Aviation, Inc.

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American Museum of Aviation, Inc.
is a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization

Tax ID # 31-1627202

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All Donations, 100% go back into the organization for the up keep & maintenance of our facilities, displays, web site and aircraft. Everyone in our organization is a volunteer, there are no salaries paid out to anyone. We are currently working the acquisition of a C-47A. We are in need of Donations to move this aircraft to our new home in North Las Vegas, NV.

Stafford Savings Bank
William & Kathryn Bradshaw
Jack Cratty
Trans-Florida Airlines
Jean Carpenter
New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame
Albert & Audrey Schmid
Champion Aero Space
John & Marion Masterson
Equilon Lubricants
Richard Wargo
David Clark Company
Vince Horan
 Kelowna Flightcraft Convair Division
Brian Walker
Connel Internet Marketing Solutions
J.M. Gradidge
Williams Enterprises
Herb Wheble
Exxel Avionics
Robert & Cheral Bradshaw
 Atlantic Flyer
Sigfrid Sandos
 Pacific Flyer
Bette DuFraine
 Instructional Dynamics
Betty Burbank
 World Airline Historical Society
John & Karen Gypson
Dick Whiting
Air Classics Magazine 
Patrica Poor
 Propliner Magazine
Leo Rocchetti
 Four Star Aviation, Inc.
Gary & Alica Plomp
 Elm - Group, Inc.
Phillip Kemp
 ARC Aerospace
Earl & Lillian Bradshaw
 Amarillo Aviation. Chuck Stewart
 Scroggins Aviation
Eric & Norman Flitcroft
 Global Impact Group
Ken Goldblatt
Dean Straw
 Rag Tool Company
James Michaud
 Int'l Air Response
Gerard J. Rock
 Lightning Air Spares, LLC
Del Laughery
 Desert Air Spares
Paul O. Magnon
Paul Herrbold
 Five Star Jet Center
John Killoran
 Jet Charters
Dan Willman
 TBM, Inc.
Tom Willman
Pacific Aero 
Bob Willman
 VIP Avionics Del & Elaine Laughery
  Alan Booth
  Charles Cary
  Edward Price
  Kevin Tanner
  Walter F. Rittman
  David Rawitscher
  Francis Adams
Robert E. Kramer
David Giacone
H.S. Buddy Johnston
Ann Genewitz
Lenny Knapp
Norman Stubbs
Bill Lambert
Tom Flynn
Phil Bellingham
Jon Ramer
Jon Berardiano
Davia Sipe
Ted Rynolds
Peter Trapkowski
Mike Grimstad
Jeff Whitesell
Mike Evans
Susan O'Brien
Dave Burnett
Keith Branch

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