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21 Clearview Drive
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

Phone: 860-208-3095

Welcome: We would like to announce our new name & location. The American Museum of Aviation, an Organization Dedicated to Preserving Aviation History, is now moving to Fabulous Las Vegas, NV. We feel this location is an ideal spot for displaying American Aviation History. The amount of travelers and tourists through Las Vegas will bring more visitors of all ages. The move will be completed by late summer of 2012. For more information please save our new web address.

Prop-Liners of America is now a Division of the American Museum of Aviation, Inc.
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You can Donate $5.00 using PayPal on our Donation Page!
All Donations, 100% go back into the organization for the up keep & maintenance of our facilities, displays, web site and aircraft. Everyone in our organization is a volunteer, there are no salaries paid out to anyone. Our DC-7B program is at a complete stand still at this time due to the GRIC airport authority in Chandler, AZ lack of cooperation. We are currently working in another direction on the acquisition of a C-47A. We are in need of Donations to move this aircraft to our new home in North Las Vegas, NV.

American Museum of Aviation, Inc.

is a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization

Tax ID # 31-1627202

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The Highest Level of Aircraft support is the Corporate Sponsor. Corporate Sponsors are a key part of the American Museum of Aviation and it's long-term goal to provide an endowment for a future fleet of Classic Aircraft for the Air Show Circuit. The Corporate Sponsor program could be money, and or parts, products, labor, etc.

Free Banner Links to your web site with this level of sponsorship.


  • Free Banner Links from our web site to yours.
  • Publicity from the 15 - 25 airshows we attend annually.
  • Handing out of sponsor materials. 
  • Name will appear on sponsor board at all airshows,exhibits and in our Museum.
  • Photo of aircraft and a certificate of appreciation.
  • A special placard commemorating all sponsors will be on permanent display inside the Convair for all who participate in our walk-thru tours to see. 
  • Quarterly news letter.
  • Free Life Time Membership included. (see membership page)

Please support our sponsors

tfa Trans-Florida Airlines, Inc.
Daytona Beach, FL

Please send all donations or contributions to:

American Museum of Aviation, Inc.
21 Clearview Drive
Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Make checks payable to:
American Museum of Aviation, Inc.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor
please call William Bradshaw @

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