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Please don't let this happen to our nation's Propliners!! Many of these fine once proud aircraft of the Golden Age of Propliners are crumbling before our eyes, please help save these beautiful aircraft of the past for our future generations and "Our Commercial Aircraft Heritage".

Through the efforts of the American Museum of Aviation and our restoration programs, generations of the past, present and future will be able to experience first hand the glamour of air travel during the dawn of Commercial Aviation and the Golden Age of Aviation.

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Please don't let this happen!!

CV-240 N295M Serial #64 Scrapped on 11/12/07 @ DAB

CV-240 N295M Serial #64 Scrapped on 11/12/07 @ DAB

CV-240 N7761 Serial #176 Scrapped on 11/12/07 @ DAB

CV-240 N12905 Serial #29 Scrapped on 11/12/07 @ DAB. This
Convair 240 was originally owned by Howard Hughes in the 1950's

CV-240/T-29 N22913 Serial #316 Scrapped on 11/12/07 @ DAB

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