Pan American Airlines Fleet

Boeing 314

Reg # Name SN Dates Served Comments
NC18601 Honolulu Clipper 1988 1939 thru 1945 Sunk buy the US Navy
NC18602 California Clipper 1989 1939 thru 1946 Renamed Pacific Clipper
Sold World Airways
Pacific Clipper Ex California Clipper, Sold to World Airways
Completed the first round-the-world flight by a commercial aircraft after continuing west from New Zealand after the bombing of Pearl Harbor almost one month earlier, 06-Jan-1942
NC18603 Yankee Clipper 1990 1939 thru 1943 Inaugurated the first scheduled trans-Atlantic flight (mail only), 20 May 39 (Port Washington, New York, Horta, Lisbon, Marseilles) Lost on landing at Lisbon, Portugal
NC18604 Atlantic Clipper 1991 1939 thru 1946 Unknown
NC18605 Dixie Clipper 1992 1939 thru 1946 Inaugurated Trans-Atlantic passenger service, 29 Jun 39 (Port Washington, New York, Horta, Lisbon, Marseilles)
NC18606 American Clipper 1993 1939 thru 1946 Sold World Airways
NC18609 Pacific Clipper 2083 1939 thru 1946 Unknown
NC18611 Anzac Clipper 2085 1939 thru 1946 Unknown
NC18612 Cape Town Clipper 2086 1939 thru 1946 Sunk by the USCG