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Convair 240 Serial # 140

N91237 was delivered to Northeast Airlines on 25 Feb 49. This Convair went through many owners prior to being purchased by Trans-Florida Airlines on 3 Aug 77. This Convair flew passenger service until 1996 when it was converted to freight service. In 1997 TFA leased N91237 to Tiano Airlines of the Dominican Republic to fly its freight routes throughout the Carribian Islands. On the morning of 24 Sep 98 while Tiano was operating releaf missions because of Hurrican Georges from San Juan, PR this Convair experienced an engine failure on take-off with a full load of cargo at 400 feet AGL. The Captain was able to get the Convair turned around and headed back to San Juan but realized that he would be unable to make the airport. A decision was made to ditch in a mangrove swamp short of the runway. The Convair broke into three pieces and was destoryed upon impact. The three crew members, however walked away with only a few scratches and minor injuries.