Trans-Florida Airlines

Trans-Florida Airlines started in 1962 as Daytona Aviation, an FBO at Daytona Beach Regional Airport. In 1966 they received their certificate for Part 121 airline-type operations. Soon they had a small fleet of Douglas DC-3's, five to be exact. Later in May of 1972 two Lockheed Model 49 Constellations were added to the fleet and operated by TFA on behalf of Holiday Hunters. They were registered as N6000C and N90823, both of which were former TWA aircraft. These Connies were operated thru 1976 upon which they were sold to Aerovias Quisqueyana. During this time TFA had aquired a Vickers Viscount 745D registered as N7450 a former Capital Airlines aircraft. During these years the DC-3 fleet was sold off one at a time. The Viscount proved to be a costly aircraft to operate and was later sold off as scrap when the airframe had accumulated its maximum time allowed before TBO. It was at this time in 1977 that TFA purchased its first Convair. From 1977 until 2005 TFA had increased its Fleet of Convairs to a total of eight, two of which were operated as passenger liners as late as 1996. TFA continued to operate two Convairs in continous service as Air Freighters until 2005. Below are some photos of these beauitful airplanes.