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Brainard Airport
Hartford, CT 06114

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Convair 240 Serial # 147

This Convair 240 was originally delivered to American Airlines on 27 Feb 49 as N94270 the "Flagship Scranton". Mohawk Airlines purchased on 3 Nov 59 and re-registered as N1022C as the "Air Chief Narragansett". This Convair went through several owners before being purchased by Trans-Florida Airlines in Dec 1981. This Convair has flown passengers all of its life and continues to maintain its passenger interior today. In fact it is the only CV-240 in passenger configuration today. In 1996 the Convair was stored because of the new TCAS rule under FAR Part 121 operations. In 1998 a non-profit organization called Prop-Liners of America, Inc. came along and entered a business agreement with Trans-Florida's Bob Willman. TFA has restored this Convair back to flying condition for POA and is currently waiting for a prop overhaul and final connections and starting before being flown to Hartford, CT.