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Lockheed L-749

N9816F Serial # 2504

This picture was taken @ HNL Honolulu in June 1958. The flight was enroute to Naha, Okinawa with intermediate stops at Wake Island and Guam. This photograph and information was contributed by Dean Straw. "Great job Dean!"

This Connie was delivered to Air India as the "Mogul Princess" on 16 Mar 48 as VT-CQS; then Quantas purchased it on 24 Apr 51 as the "Horace Brimsmead" registered VH-EAF and later convereted it to L-749A status; on 18 Aug 54 "BOAC" British Overseas Airways Corporation purchased this aircraft and registered it as G-ANTF and named her "Berkeley"; on 9 Dec 57 The Babb Company Inc. purchased and registered it as N9816F; on 3 Jan 58 Transocean Airlines purchased this aircraft; then in Jun 59 The Babb Company repurchased this aircraft; then on 31 Jul 59 Capitol Airways leased it; then International Aircraft Service Inc. purchased this aircraft in 1960 and convereted it to Freighter status and was transfered to Alaska Airlines; on 23 Feb 64 Ace Freighteres Ltd. purchased this aircraft and registered it as G-ANTF and operated it as a freighter until sometime in the late 60's then she was withdrawn from use and stored @ Baginton, Coventry; on 1 Feb 70 this Connie was destroyed by fire; the remains were broken up in 1971.