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American Museum of Aviation needs your help! Do you have any of the following items to donate? We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization therefore your donation may be tax deductable. Please check with your accountant or tax advisor.

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Donate Your Airplane

At the very least we will most likely use your airplane to shuttle flight crews toAirshows and provide flight experience to our future generations.

You can Donate $5.00 using PayPal on our Donation Page!

All Donations, 100% go back into the organization for the up keep & maintenance of our facilities, displays, web site and aircraft. Everyone in our organization is a volunteer, there are no salaries paid out to anyone. We are currently working on the acquisition of a C-47A. We are in need of Donations to move this aircraft to our new home in North Las Vegas, NV.

Aircraft Donation Program:
Tired of trying to figure out just what to do with that airplane of yours that’s just
costing you Tie Down Fees, Taxes, Maintenance Costs or maybe you’ve lost your Medical or have an airplane that’s part of an Estate. Let us take it off your hands! Through the Tax Deductible Donation of your Aircraft, it will help us to save our Nations (Propliners), Propeller Driven Airliners & Military Classics, from the Chopping Block. Your Donation will help us to Restore, Maintain and Fly these Aircraft on the Airshow Circuit throughout the United States and Display them to the Public as Flying Museums. Not only will you receive a nice Tax Deduction and “Certificate of Participation” you will have the satisfaction that comes from knowing your airplane was put to good use. Our Douglas will soon fly again thanks to good people like yourself. Please contact us ASAP, we need your HELP!
Contact Bill Bradshaw @ 860-208-3095
Air worthy or not, if we can not restore it to flying condition we will restore it for static display. Donate your airplane
Contact Bill Bradshaw @ 860-208-3095
Air worthy or not, if we can not restore it to flying condition we will restore it for static display. Donate your helicopter
Contact Bill Bradshaw @ 860-208-3095
We are in need of Vans, Mini or Full sized or Cube Van for transportation purposes. We are looking for a Pick-up Truck 3/4 Ton and an Open or Enclosed Trailer to use for our displays that we can drive to the many airshows and open houses that we attend through out the season. Step Van to be used for aircraft support and maintenance. Also a Heavy Duty Construction Type Trailer for hauling engines etc. Any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.
Contact Bill Bradshaw @ 860-208-3095
Parts or Products:
We are in need of any Douglas or Convair related parts to add to our inventory as well as any Douglas or Convair related products. Any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.
Contact Bill Bradshaw @ 860-208-3095
Support Equipment: We are in need of many items;
Aircraft hydraulic 20 ton jacks (3)
Maintenance stairs and stands, the tails stand over 30 feet tall
Engine hoist and engine stands
Spare Prop & Hub assemblies, 43E-60 Hamilton Standard Hubs
Spare engine assembly, Pratt & Whitney R-2800 and R-1830
Spare cylinders R-2800 and R-1830
Spare magneto assemblies etc. for R-2800 and R-1830
Spare carburetors and or parts for the R-2800 and R-1830
Spare parts of any type for the CV-240/T-29/C-131 or Douglas DC-3 or C-47
Exhaust stacks for R-2800 or R-1830
Convair Brake Pads Part # 9521378
Manuels for the Douglas DC-3 or C-47, POH, and all Maintenance Manuals
Aircraft Tug
Aircraft Ground Power Unit (GPU)
Reach Fork Lift that is capable of lifting 8000 lbs.
Storage Container that can be placed on the ground
Office Equipment: We are in need of the following items;
Color Copier, shelving, room dividers, display cases, plastic storage cases, VHF Base Station Transciver, small weather station. Office supplies of any type. Any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.
Volunteers: We are in need of the following Personnel;
Personnel to Operate our Museum/Gift Shop just a few hours per day, qualifications for this position, just a love of aviation!
Qualified airframe mechanics
Qualified aircraft engine mechanics R-2800 & R-1830
Qualified Convair & Douglas Personnel
Sheet Metal Specialists
Office Personnel
Maintenance Personnel
Technical Personnel
Marketing Specialist
Director of Fundraising
Grant Writing and fundraising through the selling of advertisements for our newsletter and lining up local sponsors and fundraising events. We are in need of this type of individual for their services. Name your own hours.

Contact: Bill Bradshaw @ 860-208-3095

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